It’s not about just being DIFFERENT, it’s about being

Innovations rule the world these days.

Our team worked long hours to come up with the perfect solution for a promotion stand that redesigns the way your business interacts with your customers, and that’s how FlipLight was created.

We are proud to present you the world’s most efficient way to make your promotion stand, exhibition booth or product display INSTANTLY STAND OUT.

Moreover, Flip Light’s range provides the ideal solution for different kind of applications, such as POS displays, promo counters, columns, etc. The modular system allows for it to be easily turned into various configurations. Flip Light products are internally illuminated, with replaceable image.

FlipLight innovates the way businesses present themselves:

Easily set up
Light weight and portable
Foldable for easy storage
For multiple usage with easily replaceable image
Comes with a handy bag

A great choice for any exhibition, promotion, showroom or retail environment.

We have created this product so businesses don’t need to spend enormous amount of money and time to prepare for an exhibition, a show, a product launch or even just a team building event, in no time at all!

What makes FlipLight different!


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